You’re a journalist, blogger, or simply interested in the new project of the GMX founders Karsten Schramm, Peter Köhnkow, Eric Dolatre and, as fourth founder, Jörg Sellmann?

Then this is where you’ll learn everything about the topics that move us in the Brabbler Team:
digital communication with confidentiality and privacy.

Press releases

  • August 2018 | Nobody has the intention of placing ads Read more (in German)
  • June 2018 | Why the WhatsApp plans of our German Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection, Katarina Barley, won’t work out  Read more (in German)
  • June 2018 | Brabbler’s “@work” survey reveals the careless use of WhatsApp and the likes for business purposes Read more (in German)
  • May 2018 | Secure message exchange made in Germany: Brabbler presents its GDPR-compliant business messenger at CEBIT 2018 Read more (in German)
  • February 2018 | Behind the scenes: How the founders of GMX developed the ginlo communication platform  Read more (in German)
  • February 2018 | The U.S. vs. Microsoft case shows: We must take the fate of our corporate data into our own hands Read more (in German)
  • September 2017 | WhatsApp and others shouldn’t be in childrens’ hands Read more (in German)
  • July 2017 | German investor backs Munich start-up Brabbler with 15 Million Euros Read more (in German)

In the media

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